New Year Day

It has been one of Vietnamese traditions that Lieu Quan wants to maintain is the celebration of Lunar New Year or Tet. In the spirit of the Tet, Lieu Quan always welcomes all fellow Vietnamese and Vietnamese at heart to come and share the joy and happiness of the New Year. The New Year day and the days after, Lieu Quan has been greeting many pilgrimage groups and Buddhists coming to worship Buddha, hai loc and had vegetarian meals.

Years Photos
2020 - Lieu Quan Doctrine Medicine 2020 Lieu Quan
2020 - Tam Tu NewYear 2020 Tam Tu
2019 - Lieu Quan Doctrine Medicine 2019
2018 - Lieu Quan Happy Lunar New Year 2018 - Lieu Quan
2018 - Metta Tam Tu Happy Lunar New Year 2018 - Metta Tam Tu

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